Black Friday’s Better Alternative

2018 Gift Card promotion - Fall leaves
Nov 22, 2017

Written By Evan Frye 

Thanksgiving is almost here, and as some of us are sitting down for pie after a delicious Thanksgiving turkey and tryptophan induced nap, some are lining up at your local shopping centers. Yes, Black Friday, or the day after Thanksgiving has been the beginning of the Christmas shopping season since 1952. Many instead of stuffing themselves full of pumpkin pie go out shopping. Camping out all night in line with a bunch of strangers to get discounts on toys for the holidays, or a new TV or any number of assorted goods. Stampedes can occur, as well as fist-fights, and it is all around not a pleasant way to spend the day after Thanksgiving.

We here at the South Shore Music Circus and Cape Cod Melody Tent are offering a better alternative. This year for the holidays, whichever one(s) you celebrate, get everyone the gift of awesome live music. Use our gift cards to buy tickets for our great shows. Heck, even if you don’t celebrate anything, get yourself a gift anyways!