Aug 23 Sat
An Evening with
Classic Albums Live
presenting Pink Floyd's
“The Dark Side of the Moon”
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Club Price: $29.50
General Public Price: $35.50
Doors: 7:00 pm
Show Time: 8:00 pm

Is Pink Floyd coming to the Cape Cod Melody Tent? Close your eyes – you might be surprised.  The incredibly talented touring ensemble Classic Albums Live presents Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon just as you remember it.  No mere cover band, this accomplished group of musicians match the nuances of one of rock’s greatest records in a live special event.

Fans of Classic Albums Live have long known of their exceptional abilities, both vocal and musical. For 10 years Classic Albums Live has replicated rock and roll’s greatest albums – from Abby Road to Purple Rain to Hotel California- all with the same refined ear and technical precision they’re famous for. No detail is left out. Despite the technical challenges, the band stays true to its commitment: to present the very best experience of the very best music.

Classic Albums Live was formed in 2003 by Craig Martin. A core group of artists remains in place. But in their efforts to methodically recreate every sound on every album they treat, this seasoned group of musicians have performed with a wide range of accompaniments from choirs to orchestras, bagpipe companies and schools. With each album performed in its entirety, the group typically follows up with a set of the same artists ‘greatest hits’.

Their tours have taken them all over the country. In one amazing event, Classic Albums Live performed every song in the Beatles songbook (213 songs) in a concert that lasted 13 hours.

An incredibly gifted group? Certainly. But lets hear from audience members who have witnessed it all live:

“I’ve seen these guys play the Beatles and they were great! But I have to say seeing them play Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was phenomenal!”

“The re-creation of Dark Side of the Moon was awesome, right down to the sound effects in every song. After they did the album, they took a break and came out and played the “best” of Pink Floyd. That was equally impressive.”

“Close your eyes and listen to the Dark Side of the Moon in the best sound you can ever imagine. Then open your eyes and be amazed that it is all happening live right in front of you. Simply Awesome!!”

Some of the more memorable Floyd songs of all time: Money, Us and Them, Breathe. Performed live with great execution. Come to the Dark Side. You won’t believe your ears.