An Evening with

Cape Symphony

Cape Symphony
Sat, Jun 17 8pm
Doors 7pm
Show 8pm

Conductor Jung-Ho pak of the Cape Symphony at the Melody Tent
Jung Ho Pak of the Cape SymphonyConductor Jung-Ho Pak brings treasured melodies to life this summer. He firmly believes his orchestra doesn’t exist to simply play notes, but to “grab souls.” This desire to create a “passionate synergy” betweenhimself and the orchestra has earned him a reputation as a revolutionary thinker in the world of music. His mission is to inspire and entertain all generations—onstage and off.
Pak has been the music director at the San Diego Symphony, University of Southern California, San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the University of California, Berkeley. For eight years, he served as the principal conductor of the Emmy-nominated Disney Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra and has been on national television (60 Minutes, Disney Channel) and radio (NPR) for many years. As a Guest Conductor for a variety of well-known orchestras, he has traveled to Europe, the Soviet Union, South America and Asia.P1080115 P1080118