8 Things You Should Know About Ticket Safety & Security

Maybe you received one of our e-mails, or heard from a friend: your favorite band or comedy act is coming to town! It’s tempting to rush online and grab the first tickets you can get, after all, you want the best seats possible! But… are you really getting the best seats? Take a moment to review our ticket safety and security tips to make sure what you’re paying for, is what you’re really getting.
  • Buy through us. First things first – make sure you buy directly through us! We recommend that you bookmark or directly type our URL – its themusiccircus.ORG. Unfortunately, there are many third-party scammer sites out there, and if you simply Google our name, they might trick you into going to their site. If you land on a page that looks drastically different than last time you bought tickets, make sure you check the URL. Another option is to visit our box office in person; during the season, we’re open 12-6pm, Monday-Saturday.
  • When buying through us, you will always be assigned a section, row and seat number – we never assign vague “row 1-5” tickets, and if that’s what’s displayed you’re not on our website. Exceptions are made for added seats (sold only by the box office) or general admission events, such as festivals.
  • Provide your cell phone and e-mail when checking out. This helps us contact you if there are any issues with your order, changes with the show, or if you need tickets re-sent at any time. We also provide you with an order number – it’s a good idea to write this down in a safe location.
  • Third Party Sellers (are a no). Maybe you really love Stubhub, or the show sold out before you got tickets. Whatever the reason, know that we are not responsible and can not guarantee the authenticity of third-party tickets. With technology constantly advancing and spammers looking to make a quick buck, we do as much as possible to reduce this and strongly advise you do not purchase from these third party sites.
  • Ticket prices look absurdly high? We get this complaint a lot – again, make sure you’re on our site! Spammers will often inflate prices 50-200% percent! If you’re ever unsure, give us a call to confirm prices before you buy.
  • Lost your tickets? Don’t panic – give us a call. We can always re-print tickets, change the method of delivery and change the bar code if needed. For example if your tickets never arrived in the mail, or you think they fell out of your wallet, we can print brand-new tickets so the old ones are invalid.
  • Research your seats – before you buy, take some time to look at our seating chart, or call us with questions to ensure that you’re happy with your seats! You can also use the “seating chart” tab when purchasing online to pick your exact seat location.
  • Questions? Wondering if we offer group sales (yes, for groups over 12), if your children need tickets (yes for all children over 6 months of age), if your seating can accommodate a walker/wheelchair (yes we offer handicap accessible sections via phone) or anything else – visit our FAQ’s (as well as our last blog “12 Things To Know Before You Attend A Show“) or give us a call before you buy! It is much easier for us to help assess your situation and sell you the best seats possible FIRST, than try to change seats after you have placed your order.
Thanks for reading, we hope you found these tips helpful – and can’t wait to see you at an upcoming show! If you ever have questions regarding your order, you can reach us at 781.383.9850 (we are open for business hours; 9-6pm Mon-Fri.).

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