Gift Card FAQs

1. Using A Gift Card – How many gift cards can be processed per ticket order? Only one gift card can be processed at a time per ticket order. This applies to online, phone, and Box Office Window. 2.  If I have more than one gift card, can I combine the balances onto one Gift Card? Only one gift card can be processed at a time per ticket order. In order to combine gift card balances, you will need to visit the Box Office during the season (The Melody Tent opens Memorial Day Weekend).  In the off-season you can fax copies of your Gift Cards to (781) 383-9804 or email copies to 3. Can I use my older Paper Gift Certificates? Valid paper Gift Certificates can still be used and do not expire. Please fax a copy of your Paper Gift Certificate to (781) 383-9804 or email a copy to 4. Can I pay with cash for my Gift Card? Cash sales are only available in-season at the Box Office window. The Box Office opens Memorial Day weekend. 5. Where can I use my gift card? You can use your new gift card to purchase tickets at either the South Shore Music Circus or Cape Cod Melody Tent. You may go online to the website of the respective venue: or to purchase tickets directly from us. Gift Cards will only be valid for ticket purchases through these sites. DO NOT try to purchase tickets to our venues from Ticketmaster or any other website. 6. Does my Gift Card expire? No. 7. Do I need to know the balance of my gift card before making a purchase? Yes – If you do not have a balance large enough to cover the entire cost of your order you will need to make a split payment and you will need to know how much to charge to your gift card. If you attempt to charge more to your gift card than is available your order will not go through. 8. How do I check the balance on my gift card? Please call 800-242-5353 or click to check your balance 9. If I have any more questions who do I talk to? You can call us at 781-383-9850 to ask any other questions about our new gift cards, our club membership program, or our venue in general.

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