January 21st- Fun Facts of the Day

What can we say about January 21st. Well, to start, the 21st of January in 1966 saw the Beatles George Harrison marry Patty Boyd with Paul McCartney as best man. Boyd later divorced from Harrison and went on to marry Eric Clapton, who wrote the song “Layla” about her. In 1968, Jimmy Hendrix chose January 21st as the day he recorded the popular Bob Dylan song, “All Along The Watchtower.” Yesterday we talked about Pink Floyd unsuccessfully trying to play “Dark Side of the Moon” for the first time in 1972, well a day later (Jan. 21st) they got it right and the audience heard for the first time in its entirety the second highest selling album of all time. In 1941, Richie Havens passed away on January 21st. Havens was known for his version of George Harrison’s “Here Comes The Sun”, with his recording of it reaching as high as #16 on the US charts. Make sure you come and see The Fab Four’s version of “Here Comes The Sun” this summer at the Tent on July 25th.

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