Kidz Bop History: From Nickelodeon to Children’s Music Behemoth

Kidz Bop was founded in 1990 by Razor & Tie, the label responsible for those compilation albums like “Monsters of Rock” and “Monster Ballads.” The compilation albums of popular songs, sung by children, and with all the kid-inappropriate lyrics removed was created out of a gap in the market in terms of children’s music. COO of Razor & Tie, Victor Zaraya, said, “There was only Barney and Britney Spears – nothing in between.” Thus, the first Kidz Bop album was created. A track list was compiled, new arrangements of the songs were written, and kids were brought in to record vocals. A sensation was born. Kidz Bop has had over 18 top ten albums on the Billboard 200, and in 2013 the franchise consisted of 18.8% of all children’s music sales. Zaraya credits their success to good marketing. Expanding from TV commercials to partnerships with Spotify and corporate giants like Disney, McDonald’s, and Macy’s. Additionally, unlike a lot of the music industry nowadays, physical CDs account for 78% of their sales. The tangibility of the physical CD, often packaged with stickers and magnets, are what drives the physical sales. According to Zaraya, “parents want to be able to put something in their kid’s hands.” The biggest change in the franchise since its creation is the live tour. Kids can now go see the Kidz Bop Kidz perform their favorite songs live. This summer on 8/8, Kidz Bop will be performing at the Cape Cod Melody Tent!  Get your tickets now!

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