National Puppy Day Puppy Facts!

In honor of National Puppy Day we decided to forgo the usual “Fun Music Facts of the Day” and give you a few fun puppy facts. 1. There are more puppies born in the US each year (6.2 million) than babies. (4 million) new-born-pups 2. Puppies get lonely, just like us. They are in the womb with a litter and are born with a litter so they love the company of humans or other animals. Cute-Kittens-and-Puppies-Together-HD-Wallpaper-For-Desktop-Background 3. In 2013, the most popular breed of puppy was the Labrador Retriever. The second most popular that year was the German Shepherd. Yellow-And-Black-Labrador-Retriever-Puppy 4. Puppies are born without teeth and don’t yet have the ability to hear or smell. bourne-teeth-gums-11-days 5. The first sense that puppies begin to use is their sense of touch. tumblr_m9wmqc3XQu1rnfkqbo1_1280 6. Puppies nose-prints are as unique as a humans fingerprints. No two prints are alike. big-nose 7. Puppies keep their eyes closed for the first 9-12 days of their lives. puppy eyes 8. Puppies only listen to the first syllable of a word. For all you people out there naming your puppy Mister Fuzzy Paws, all they hear is Mist. Dog-listening 9. During their first week of life, puppies spend 90% of their days asleep and the other 10% eating. Sweet life! sleeping-puppy- 10. At one year old, a puppy is considered an adult. Time-Lapse-Puppy-to-Adult-in-40-seconds.-Dunder-German-shepherd Extra puppy fact -The Beatles song “A Day In The Life” has a high pitched whistle at the end of it only audible to dogs. It’s said that Paul McCartney put it in for his Shetland Sheepdog. paul_mccartney_gallery_6a_1_medium

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